Golden Race 2014

The Golden race is a contest intended for traders who have good performance with XAUUSD. The Round 2 starts on June 30th and ends on July 11th.

Participation by invitation only.


Contest rules

1.- Prizes

GMT prime will give a prize of USD $250.

USD $250 for each round

$250.00 on a GMT Prime Live account  to the participant with the highest profit.

  • Only one participant can be winner on every round. If there is a tie (a situation when a couple of traders finish the competition with the same ending balance) GMT PRIME will deliver the award to the trader with the highest number of positive orders. It the ties goes on, the award will be given to the trader with the lowest drawdown.
  • The prize will be delivered on a GMT PRIME Live account. If the traders does not have an account at GMT Prime, the person will apply to the regular process, in order to open an account.
  • If there is a denial of the approval process, GMT PRIME will give the award to the next participant competing for the same award in the same category.
  • The trader has 30 days to send his/her documents to the company, in order to check out all the information available. If the company is not able to find the winner, the trader will lose the right to claim for the award.
  • Winners may ask for a withdrawal after 90 days, scheduled within the day that the Live account has been opened. Winners must open at least twenty (20) trades before sending a withdrawal request.

2.- Enrollment

  • In order to participate in the competition, you should agree with the following terms and conditions. You should not register on the competition neither receive any award unless you are 
  • In order to participate, the person should provide an user name, name, last name (all the information may be verifiable by GMT prime).
  • The user name should be unique and it may not be chosen by another trader. The user name should not have any reference related to GMT such as "GMT prime trader", "GMT WINNER", "championGMT", etc.
  • GMT PRIME could reject any registration with inconsistent information or disqualify any participant that had provided false personal information.
  • It is not allow to register on the competition with more than one account. If GMT detects that any competitor is trading with several accounts, he or she may be disqualify.
  • In order to participate, the trader accepts that all the information provided such as trader's historical data may be publish by GMT PRIME, and the investor should understand that his/her data can already be seen by the public. 
  • US Residents and citizens are not allow to participate in the competition. If there is a situation where a participant has registered with false information and he or she wins the competition, the award will be given to the next trader on the round standings.
  • GMT Prime employees cannot participate in the contest.

3.- Setup and operation of the account

  • Each participant will receive a GMT Prime Demo account for each round.  Participants will access the Demo account through the MetaTrader 4 platform. Accounts will have an initial balance to be announced before contest's start, with leverage 1:100, Margin Call to 120% and Stop Out Level to 100%. The maximum lot size per trade is 10 (ten).
  • The MT4 account credentials will be sent to the user registration email before the start of each Round.
  • Participants should trade on XAUUSD.
  • First Round starts at 22:00 (GMT - Greenwich Mean Time) on Sunday, June 17th, 2014 and ends Friday, June 27th at 17:00 GMT.
  • Second Round starts at 22:00 (GMT - Greenwich Mean Time) on Sunday, June 29th, 2014 and ends Friday, July 11th at 17:00 GMT.
  • There is in no maximum time duration for open positions during competition.
  • If any order has an open time after 20:45 GMT of the last day of the round, that order won't be valid to determine the final round standings.
  • Participants can trade manually or using any script or Expert Advisor, if and only if this works within the MetaTrader 4 platform.
  • Failure to follow any of these rules or any activity that attempts to evade some of the rules may result in disqualification from the competition.

4.- Standings

The standings show participants according to the profit they have made to their account during each round.

The profit is calculated by the following formula: Profit = (Ending Balance – Initial Balance) / Initial Balance.

5.- Important considerations

  • Each participant can have only one username and can participate with only one account.
  • Only participants who have made profit after each round can opt for the prizes. 
  • Each participant must open at least fifteen (15) trades during each round. Failure to comply this number of trades will make the user unable to win any prize.
  • In the situation that 2 (two) participants had exactly the same ending balance, will be chosen as winner the participant with the highest number of positive trades. If this value matches again, the user with the lower drawdown will be chosen.
  • GMT Prime reserves the right to use personal information and trading history of the participants for future company advertising, contests, marketing, events, research, publications, and any other type of operation it deems appropriate.
  • GMT Prime will not incur any liability in circumstances where competition should be modified, shortened or canceled for any reason without notice. GMT Prime reserves the unilateral and exclusive right to eliminate this competition, disqualify any participant, change the rules, change the prizes or increase time for requesting a prize withdrawal.
  • Participants are responsible for their own conduct and release GMT Prime of any responsibility or liability for loss or damage related to this GMT Prime trading competition.
  • GMT Prime reserves the right to pay the bonus on a Dealing Desk or No Dealing Desk account. GMT Prime will not re-quote orders.

6.- Complaints and requests

Any requests, complaints or comments regarding the FX Fighter competition should be sent via email to: